Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflecting on 2011


I never ever make resolutions.
Brief reflections on the past year and some thought to future goals is all that's needed, generally.
Generally things are good.

When telling people about the blog I explain that, despite recent comments about my authenticity and lack of glossing over life's bumps, this is actually the best spin on our life possible.
So there haven't been many posts this year - in July and August there were no posts.

It's been a rough year.
But thinking positive in reflecting on this year:
we met goals like moving, farming, moving the photography business, starting homeschooling officially.
We've learned a lot and find ourselves more hesitant in assuming the best ... something we definitely want to reverse in the new year.
I sometimes feel like this year was a waste. This is not where we intended to be in December of 2011.
But then I realize that just like moving to Providence (instead of jumping right in with farming) this year was needed to get us to where we need to be going. We were adamant that this was the best place for us and our family and our farm. If we'd skipped this step - this coming back - then we'd always wonder if it would have been better for us to be here.
We have a lot to do in the next year, a lot of going back to how we were (the overall max stressed life has not done healthy things for our parenting or even our relationship with each other). I always say: "people first" ... and that hasn't always been possible this year. And it shows, sadly.

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