Friday, June 10, 2011

Dear Noah 5 years 1mos

Dear Noah,
You eat your pizza backwards - crust first.
You love to wrestle.
You also love to win.
You get very sad if you feel like you didn't win or you feel like someone is teasing you.
You get mad too.
You are embarrassed if anyone knows you're crying so you run and hide.
You love hiding when someone has come home so you can jump out and scare them.
And growl too - especially at Grampy.
You love watching movies.


Your not usually a fan of people you don't know - especially adults who try to interact with you immediately instead of letting you get comfortable first.
You feel uncomfortable when people see you naked.
You love pizza only a little bit more than you love ice cream.
Whip cream from a can might be your most favorite thing though.
You love listening to stories.
You talk. A lot. We have to remind you and your sister to let the other person finish.
Imaginative inventions, ideas, characters emerge as you talk as well as jokes and incredible observations and conclusions.
I am amazed daily by the connections you've made.


You are adept with holding chicks and chickens.
You're kind and thoughtful with all the animals on the farm - big and small.
You're reasonable but also stubborn.
You love the hayloft but have a hard time convincing someone to go with you.
You don't like to be alone, usually.
You love the parlor in the barn because there are hoses that you can spray.
The relationship you have with your sister is irreplaceable. You're best friends and playmates day in and day out. You love showing her new finds, encouraging her in accomplishments like running fast, and engaging her in imaginative games.


Once again I'm surprised that a whole month has passed and how much you've changed in just this one month. You've started saying: "yeah, whatever mom ..." but not in a way that makes sense - not in a rebellious way, just like you're trying out the words. Like when you say: "where are my shoes, the heck".
You're growing up so fast and I'm loving the ride.
Thanks for being you,

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