Saturday, June 18, 2011

Breastfeeding Enthusiasm

So evidently I come across stronger than I think.
Some friends assure me that when I present my feelings around any parenting issue, breastfeeding included, I do not come across as judgmental - just presenting information.
I hope they are right.
Sometimes I'm not sure.
Like when breastfeeding (nipple shields, in this case) come up in a group of strangers, a friend overhearing my rants passionate explanations in the past is thinking: they don't know who they are deal with.
Or at least that's what she told me after.

Someone once told me that the further from pregnancy/birth and those early years the less passionate you'll feel about the issues in these stages of life.

Maybe that's typical.

Hasn't been the case for me.
I still feel incredibly strongly about pregnancy, birth, and the first few years.
I haven't figured out the preschool years and beyond yet. Maybe that's why the passion hasn't shifted.
Maybe it never will.
I can only imagine being a white haired farmer/photographer still involved somehow in the birth community.

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