Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The purpose of blogging

I've mentioned before how all blogging mama's have the perfect life, right?
My person, Kate, started writing monthly letters to her daughter from birth. When we met when our babies were 2 and 3 months old I thought this was brilliant ... but it was too late, right? I hadn't started from birth. When Ark Boy was 6 months or so I thought I should start writing letters - I was forgetting small details that I would want to remember in the future. But by then I was feeling quite angry and resentful towards him. I was reading beautiful letters Kate was writing about her daughter solving world problems by 15 months and Ark Boy wasn't talking, had just started walking, was still waking up frequently in the night, was blowing out diapers at embarrassing moments ... the list went on. All my letters would be is a vent and there would be nothing positive to write about.
When Farm Girl was 3 months old I started writing letters. I just wrote what came to mind. And what came to mind was positive. What I found was that it forced me to reflect on the awesomeness of each child that month. It refreshed my mommy juju.

At playgroup everyone loves reading Soule Mama. I check out her blog every once in a while but get frustrated with my own lack of "soule" (this woman is pregnant with her 5th child, has a beautifully handcrafted home, knits speedy and beautifully, has written at least one book, has chickens, a beautiful garden ...). I just get discouraged when I look at this blog. When I was sharing these feelings with playgroup friends someone said that there was an "anti-soule-mama" thing that happened a couple of years ago. Evidently someone in the blog world wrote about the exact feelings I have when reading Soule Mama's blog, Soule Mama's response was that the purpose of the blog for her is to put an emphasis on positive in life.
That's my purpose too, right?
And when other moms have recently said that they feel guilty when they hear I'm writing monthly letters (who has time for that?!?!) I explain that this has become a "have-to" in my life. So that when the kids are screaming, I'm thinking: wow, they really know how to express themselves;) or at least, that's what is said on the blog. So is it artificial? To some extent. But these are the memories we want, right? The positive, with a little tiny bit of reality thrown in. Well, more than a little - but definitely trying to redefine life in the most positive light. A good thing.
We have a pretty great life. I think we've unknowingly done http://hannahsharvest.com/2011/03/15/manifest-dream-create/ and our life is turning out how we wanted it to, for the most part.
Am I sucking down rescue remedy right now? Definitely. Am I blogging about that? Only minimally. See how it works?

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