Friday, April 15, 2011

Painting, painting!

We're busy.
Moving, moving, moving.
We sold our couch, have no more bed frame, got rid of all of our shelves but two (one we still want to sell, one we don't), sold our dining room table ... so the house is leaking furniture and it's starting to echo.

Six more days until the move.

To add to the hectic I've been painting, painting. Both kid's dressers match and are the same color as the bunk bed I painted back in February when we were at our "new house" for a couple of weeks. I also discovered pallet shelves on Ana White's site so these are partially done (all the pieces are painted - they just need the bottoms attached) - one for each kid. I also cut and painted pieces to be a bin for toys - a small bin that will fit their animals. But that needs to be screwed together too and the drill part makes me nervous. Hopefully it all gets made before we move.

So days filled with packing, playgroup meet ups, and playgroup dinners. Only one more trip to the library, I think - just to return books. It will be hard not to take any out!

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