Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Counting Blessings

I consider myself fairly even keeled.
Other people don't, I don't think.
Here's how I explain this:

random person ~ you seem like a high strung person.
Me ~ I'm-not-high-strung-you-think-I'm-high-strung?-Why-do-you-think-I'm-high-strung?-Huh.-I've-never-thought-of-that.

With the addition of children I think I became even more easy going.
We'll get there when we get there.
They'll figure it out in their own time.
It's just a mess, we can pick it up later.

With this upcoming move I have anxiety through the roof.
It's intense.

So I, with great effort, decided to focus on the positive.
Someone pointed out (actually, several people have) that this thing that we're doing, this moving to the farm, is something we've always wanted to do. This anxiety is normal and it's just the anticipation. It will all work out.
So I'm focusing on the "all work out".

~ Ren Man and I love spending time together, we're great friends with common goals in life and similar perspectives on different life issues

~ We have two kids that are fun to be around and love life

~ We're going to live on a farm!

~ We always said that we both wanted to work part time and be full time parents - and we're doing that!

~ We have an incredible support network in RI that is devastating to leave - but that network has made it clear that the distance will just provide a new dimension to our relationships

~ We both have post graduate degrees

~ We can finally paint the walls of our bedroom sage green - something we've been wanting to do since our senior year of college

~ We plan to get a wood stove

~ We're bringing our delightful chicken flock with us - and we're getting 100's more chickens!

~ We have a healthy book collection

~ We have had the opportunity to research farming practices for years before going to live the hectic life of farmers

~ There is very little STUFF that we feel attached to. This means less to move and less to find a place for after the move.

~ Our children will have a bunk bed, a pool, a playhouse, and a swing set in their own back yard.

~ We have already made new friends in Vermont and have several friends we've known since college living within a short-ish drive (in Vermont terms) from our farm

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