Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree

It's a long story.
In short (or as short as possible): Ren Man decided that having a tree was not necessary this year as we'll be away for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
I did not agree but there was little room for discussion.
Anger, bitterness - on my part.
Oblivious - on his part.
To support Ren Man's plan he packed up holiday lights and the tree stand and brought it to his parents, you know, to be efficient.
He's like that.
So no tree.
And when I realized the lights were also gone I was really bummed.
Interesting to think, it's really about lights.
Not about the tree.
So I was sad and bitter and angry.
He was oblivious.
Our kids asked about a tree.
I explained that Daddy had decided we could just use Nina and Grammy's trees this year since we'll be at their houses for Christmas.
Then, while trying to find holiday wrapping materials (while really not feeling in the mood because no lights and no tree means it's not REALLY Christmas) I discovered a couple of unopened boxes of lights PLUS one set that HAD been opened.
AND THEN Ren Man discovered a $10off coupon for a tree.
see me rolling my eyes.
And Ark Boy came running up the stairs to inform me that Daddy left! He's going to get a tree! A Christmas Tree for OUR house! ... Will we bring this to Nina's house?!?!

So a tree arrived.
And we decorated.
So Christmas is coming (sooner than I'm ready, but that's normal, right!?)





This is ornament I think is beautiful ... Ark Boy broke part of it last year. Here he's peering into the globe (that used to be encircled in, evidently brittle, plastic) that depicts a scene of a child making a snowman.






I, of course, envisioned this being a slow appreciation of each ornament that delicately gets put in the perfect spot on the tree.
But no.
It was chaos with lots of: "that's very fragile! be careful!"

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