Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dear Grandmothers


Dear Nina and Grammy,
We had so much fun last night working on your presents! We each got to make one for each of you. Mommy said she's been wanting to do this with us for a long time but then she seemed stressed out - something about the mess and stress. When she started drinking that funny smelling egg nog things were better.
We're going to give you some clues:
the presents include the items pictures above
we got to wear yellow aprons when we made these
First Mommy cleaned the living room (it was a BIG mess) and she swept which seemed silly to us because after there was so much mess from our project she just had to sweep again!
Mommy spread out lots and lots of newspapers on the ground and told us to sit on the paper to work on the project. When we sat down and scooched forward the paper made a fun noise and moved so you could see the floor in between the paper.
Sometimes we wanted to use the same pattern at the same time.
We insisted that we both wanted THAT one!
So we took turns.
We worked really hard on our designs.
Del especially liked to put her pieces on upside down.
Mommy drank more funny drink.
When our projects were done after all of our hard work two of them broke in half!
We were so excited about that because you'll each get one gift that is really two!!
Mommy didn't seem as excited but I'm sure you both will be as excited as we are!

We love you both very very much!
Noah and Del

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