Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kid Speak

It cooked in the refrigerator
-Ark Boy on cooked shrimp

Write the email!
-Farm Girl giving instructions on how to address an email

Electricity! ... Electricity! ... Electricity
-Ark Boy each time he turned on a light

Farm Girl: You mean Debra?

For little kid girls my heart is broken
-Ark Boy

off ... o-f-f ... off ... f-off
-Ark Boy

Mommy: She was up for an Emmy award
Farm Girl: You mean Emmie?

Carol said everybody has different color skin ... yeah, I have light skin like french toast, you have dark skin like cinnamon.
-Ark Boy

Titty Tat
-Farm Girl (translation: Kitty Cat)

Ren Man messaged me:
Ark Boy just informed me that he took out the fish to see if it was sick but it wasn't and it touched his hand but it didn't do anything b/c it was scared of him

When I see pirates I run away
-Ark Boy (upon further questioning I learn that he has never actually had to use this tactic having never seen a pirate in real life ... yet

Grammy said bad guys come back to life ... (?) ... Grammy said that they do that to make movies more interesting.
-Ark Boy

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