Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dear Del - 26 months

Dear Del-Del,
You're cracking us up! You repeat everything you say and now spend time practicing saying really positive things like: "Oh, jeez!". And yes, I'm working on being less sarcastic around you, I promise. I know it's confusing when I tell you one thing and mean another.
You love love love going to Nina's house ("en poobah doo....wuk" translastion: and Poobah too, he's at work"). You met me when I came home from work a week ago carrying your water bottle and Noah's water bottle down the stairs. You told me you were going to Nina's house. You'll also get in a box and insist you be mailed to Nina's house. And you're serious. You cry and lament when we tell you we're just sending you for pretend.
And now I'm not even confident it's exclusively Nina you're talking about because I've realized that "Grammy" sounds a lot like /Nina/ too.


You are learning that every joint is not "elbow". It takes some practice and it seems like you don't really trust me when I tell you that your finger in fact has knuckles, not elbows... funny, funny.
You're in full speed mastering-the-potty mode. You are fine going diaper free.... as long you're regularly placed on the potty. If we forget then accidents happen. And that is just for pee. When it comes to poop.... that very rarely makes it in to the potty. We need a little more warning than immediately right after you've pooped. And now I can't believe I've written a whole paragraph about your toileting.


You've started this funny (slight sarcasm) thing where you pinch, hit, generally hurt someone (usually Mommy) and then say: "tay?" as in, are you okay? It's hard to know how to answer... And then you hug and kiss the hurting spot. Really truly, hurting is not necessary before hugs and kisses.
I thought that Noah was more concerned about you than vice-versa but now I think he just might be more articulate about his concern. If we're in the car without Noah (he's at school) you're very insistent that we go get him.
At the same time, as long as you know where he is, you're content to go and do your own thing. Given your history as a newborn and Noah's history as a newborn I say you're my more high needs kid. I hear a lot that I'm lucky to have two laid-back kids. I look at these people in shock. But then reflecting more... you both have things you're more uptight about but generally speaking you are mellow. You go off and play for hours by yourself at the playground, recover quickly from tumbles, and will say: "o-taaay" through tears at any explanation- no matter how far fetched- as to why you can't do or have something you want.


You are having a hard time seeing pictures as pictures and not really real items. You want to hold the baby you see in the picture or the chicks...
The baby holding experience we can't generally provide on demand (although a playgroup momma down the street just had a new baby - so maybe soon!) but the chicks I'm all about letting you hold! We brought the chicks in to Noah's school a couple days ago to show "the students" (as Noah calls them). You were amazing me with your confidence in corralling chicks and picking them up (without hurting them!). One boy who you know well (he is part of our playgroup) asked to hold one and you went around collecting chicks and putting them in his lap. Yes, you're always willing/interested/wanting to help. Very convenient for having you throw things away or bringing things to Daddy.... or collecting the chicks out of the run at night...

The run is pretty small (I can barely fit my shoulders/hips through and I have to crawl to get in)... after ducking your head slightly you're in and love chasing the chicks, picking them up, and then bringing them to their coop. This particular day was an underwear+2bathing suit day.

We love you Baby!

ps dancing and singing are also new fun past times you've taken up with enthusiastically this month. Very cute!

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