Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dear Del 24mos

Wow Baby Girl!
Two! It's so exciting. I taught you a month or so ago to say "doo" when someone asks how old you are. It's too too cute.
You, my friend are getting some two year old drama wrapped up in that little person we call Del. It's very entertaining (on a good day) when you cover your face with your hands and throw the top half of your body on to my lap, crying because you are so sad or frustrated. Often sadness/frustration comes when you're told you can't do/have what you really really want to do/have. Lately I've wondered if also is because you're sad about being asked not to do something you know you're not supposed to be doing (balancing precariously on top of a kid-sized wooden chair and leaning on the window is the newest feat in I'm-going-to-copy-my-brother adventures).


I continue to be amazed at not only how you generally mimic those around you, but particularly how attached to your brother you are. And the feeling is definitely mutual. Noah was offered the chance to go to the grocery store with Daddy or stay home with Mommy and Del. He chose to stay home!! As soon as you get up from a nap you ask where No-no is. If he does something, suggests you do something, asks you to come with him-- whatever the request, if it's from Noah, you're all about it. We have been talking (Daddy and I) about what we're doing next year as far as child care and I'm sad at the thought of separating you two... but I'll be sad if/when you both go off to school and aren't in the same class. I hope your relationship lasts in a similar vein. It's pretty amazing.


You are such a compassionate kid- you dish it and expect it in return. If you hurt Noah you try to kiss/hug him (he often dodges the kiss). When someone else is sad you sign "cry" and tell me sad and re-enact whatever made the person sad. When you get hurt you make a kissing noise and point to the hurting body part. If the kiss doesn't land precisely you show me again and are more insistent about the need for a kiss.
You've also surprised me (again) at how open to other people you are. Noah tends to be a momma/dada's boy but you are happy with (and often prefer) Nina or Grammy. I'm wondering if it's because you are you or if it is partly because at this point Noah is so comfortable with them- his seal of approval is all that's needed in your mind.


You love love love to talk on the phone... well, "talk" might be a little generous. You have every form of heart attack possible when I'm on the phone as you convey passionately that you would like a turn on the phone (this can get tricky when it's a business call!). When you're offered a turn you generally just sit with the phone to your ear smiling and nodding (minimal vocalization). Here's the thing about the phone, sweet pea, the other person A) Can't see you, so your voice is necessary and B) isn't actually IN the phone so you can't see them- even when you look at the ear piece. When I ask for it to be my turn or Noah's turn you are not willing to relinquish the phone... until the person on the other end asks if it's Mommy or Noah's turn. Then you smile, nod, and happily pass the phone on... until 2minutes later when you're asking for another turn.


You're a pants girl, and I don't blame you. I'm a pants girl too. But, my love, there are approximately 87 adorable dresses in your clothing stash so... just think about it. Humor your mother. I'm not ready for you to have such strong clothing opinions! I know, I know- if Noah was wearing dresses it would all be different... but really, we don't have any in his size. If there was an older sister that was passing on dresses that would be another ball game all together.

But enough on that! I'm loving seeing the thing that makes you you emerge more and more- in jeans, socks (always a must), smiles, tickles, and rough and tumble. Love it all. I'm excited to see what things are like at your third birthday! Accepting the fact that you're two is hard enough! I can't imagine three, on the one hand, and on the other- I sooo can't wait!
Love you as always,

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