Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dear Noah 42 months

Dear Noah,
First I should just say, I love you. A lot. When you reach your arms up high, indicating you want to be picked up, I'm surprised that your fingers reach my shoulders. It is a surprise that you are so big, that I am a mother to a child so big. Tall, tall, and more tall, that's what size we ordered you in. Those who see you are shocked to hear you are "only" 3.5 and those that hear you are 3.5 and haven't met you insist to me that you couldn't possibly do this or that physical activity, being so young- but you can. And if you can't, you tell me it's too tricky for you, maybe when you're bigger you'll do it. Things that are still too tricky: monkey bars, driving the car, and buttoning/snapping your pants.

You and Del are hilarious together. You like waking her up by laughing two inches away from her face, but only after you've slept eleventeen inches yourself. If she wants something you have, insists on having it, screaming at you all you have to do is run in circles around her laughing and pretty soon she's spinning in circles after you laughing hysterically herself.
You still speak to Del in this high pitched voice that makes us chuckle.

You love me, by myself. You also love Del, by herself. And Nina. And Grammy. And Emmie. And Gabe. And Alessandro. And yourself. But that's it. Nobody else. You don't like Daddy. Your actions say otherwise. I'm not sure why you insist on this. Good thing Daddy has thick skin.
Speaking of Gabe and Alessandro... you say that you'd prefer not to go to school. When you get to school you dash off to find Alessandro and Gabe. The three of you demand the majority of the teacher's attention, as far as I can tell. You all want to be together but spend most of your time fighting over who gets what toy. You often say you want all the dump trucks outside. All 15 of them, or however many there are. You don't want Gabe to have any. Poor Gabe.
You seem to lead the class with your antics, to my surprise. You tend to be withdrawn around strangers... maybe just adult strangers? Or school is familiar enough that the stranger-related behavior is gone? I don't know. I've seen you initiate disruption galore during group time when only Carole, your teacher is supposed to be talking. I've also seen you use your words to explain your feelings, or decline an invitation to go play where you don't want to go. You now tell me that it's "clean-up time" when we're cleaning up your toys and books at home and you actually help put things away.

Speaking of books! Wow! You have entertained us for about a year with reciting books to us or correcting us when we change a word to something silly when we're reading books at night. This month I have discovered you quietly looking through books on your bed or the living room floor or the couch. You spend hours doing this. It generally leads to a floor strewn with discarded "read" books but then we just start "clean-up time" and things are back in order with minimal fuss. Usually your sister is sitting right next to you, "reading" her own book.

You had your first Halloween experience this month. It was pretty exciting for you. Exciting to see people dress up and to hang out with friends. You were happy to lead the pack in trick-or-treating (you are very interested in being first) even though I'm not sure you knew what you were doing. You would run off full steam down the sidewalk, bypassing candy-laden houses. The children we were with were excited about a particularly scary looking house at the end of the street. You were excited because they were excited and marched your little (or not so little) costumed body up two of the stairs before seeking me out and throwing your shaking body into my arms. You refused to go up the stairs. Around the corner I assured you that the house was safe and up you marched, only to run back to me moments later. Two painted and costumed older children were hiding behind a bush. At the next house you were very frightened by some hanging stuffed skeletons. I went up to them and poked them to show you they were dolls, despite foot movement you saw the skeleton make (because of the wind). After that there were no major haunted hiccups. When we came home you ditched your bag of candy and raced up the stairs to play with friends.

You love the left side. The left side as oppose to the right. We're not sure why. You often check in with us to find out which side is left... and then move your body so it's in the left side. You're rather annoyed that we can't drive on the left side of the road.

We recently purchased your two wheeler bike that we can't wait to give you. We're holding off for your birthday and it's so hard to wait. You hopped onto the display bike in the store and rode around like a pro.

Love you, love you!

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