Monday, March 2, 2009

On babyproofing

There was a long debate on babyproofing on a mothering forum I joined.
For better or worse.
I've been telling everyone the full long detailed story irl- so I'll avoid doing that here.
Leave it at: in conclusion my feelings remain the same:
babyproof as needed.
For instance: I have every confidence that Farm Girl can climb stairs safely.
There is no gate on the bottom of our stairs.
I am sure to keep an ear out and if she's on the stairs I speed over there to stay behind her.
This may create more work for me but I'd prefer she get lots of practice climbing our stairs.
She may fall.
It will be sad.
But for me, it's worth that risk (which I see as minimal).
I am also confident in her ability on the top of the stairs, on our bed, on the couch, or on any other elevated surface.
She can't climb down but she is very aware of the edge and has never lunged off a surface (this surprises me a lot). She has however, had her back to an edge and when moving from a crawling to a sitting position has almost fallen as she sits on the nothing-ness that is past the edge of an elevated surface.
Having seen her do this we do put up a gate (resting against the walls that make up the opening) at the top of the stairs when she's up there crawling around and we're not with her (upstairs but not following her around).
We call it a visual barrier.
Every mother (of young kids or adults) has said they did a similar method of babyproofing.
I feel validated in my choices.
Puffed up like a proud hen.
Farm Girl was cranky cranky and not staying alseep in the transfer from rocking to crib so I nursed her to sleep in our bed.
Then left.
There's a guard rail.
Placed other pillows around.
Heard her 1/2 an hour later (frustrating!).
Marched up the stairs (squeezing up the stairs is more like it- remember the puffy hen thing is going on)
at the top of the stairs I hear it.
She's fallen off the bed.

Hen deflates
This picture is from the day after.
The ouchy healed surprisingly quickly.
No harm done.
Only killed the puffy hen.
I don't think that's a bad thing:)

I have to confess that this entry is about 2 weeks overdue. Life happens. Entries don't get written. That was too good of a bruise/scrape/cut not to share though.
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Femefatal7 said...

do i detect a hint of red in her hair?!?!?!?!

*just* said...

It's not about the hair... I don't know... maybe