Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear Noah 34 months

Dear Big Boy,
Wow- wow, only a couple more months until you are t.h.r.e.e!!! I think I may have started the birthday talk too soon though. You are very excited and often demonstrate how you plan to blow out candles. Today you asked where your birthday was. I tried to explain that it is in May. You said it needed to come in the mail. I'm not sure how you're going to feel when you have three birthdays to get through- in our house alone!- before your big day. I'm super super excited about your birthday presents. I know that you're getting a razor scooter- the three wheeled kind- from Nina and Poobah, we're getting you a doll house that you picked out online, and I think I want to get you hula hoop too. You've seen it enough on Wii Fit and any round hollow object remotely big enough to get around your waste you try to hula hoop with.

You have been saying more and more things every day and it surprises me what you say. When I'm telling Daddy about something that happened while he was away you will interupt with: "You remember, I say that?"
I'm often reminding you to say "please" in a half-hearted attempt to teach you manners. So this is a typical conversation:
You: "I want juice!"
Me: "Can you say, please?"
You: "Okay, yes!"
The "please thing is catching on slowly but surely.
You also ask questions that you want us to ask (so while you're hiding under the blanket you'll say: "where are you, Noah?").
If you want us to do something (go downstairs, help you get dressed, go outside) you say: "you want to...."
This was what we heard last night while trying to fall asleep:
You (calling from the other room): "I want some water..... Please......I want Daddy get it"
Me: "Daddy's asleep" (I'll admit- that was a lie)
You:"....You want to get it"
Me: "No, I don't"
You: "You want to get me some water.... you want to get water"
You: "I want a tissue please..... No! Water.... I want water!"
I decided we needed more "tasks" for you during the day. Often you wander around and Daddy says you're bored. I'm not so sure you are and even if you are- is that a bad thing? Maybe not. What is bad is that you are watching at least one movie a day. Well, I started looking into Montessori/Waldorf more and found a Montessori scope and sequence (that's what it's called- but I don't think it really is a scope and sequence). You can do everything on the pre-school list! I was surprised. I didn't think I had expectations one way or the other but you did things like clipped clothes pins to a bowl- I didn't even know you knew what clothes pins are! You've LOVED having tasks to do so we'll keep working on having more grown up things for you to do.

You're more into your sister- probably because she's more into you. I often hear you saying: "you want this?" to Del while you try to give her something. You also say: "No! Stop that!" at, what I must admit, are appropriate times. You often, on several occasions this month said: "Del don't get some milk!" when Del was clearly asking for milk.

You love love spending time with Daddy- but really you prefer males all around- whether it's Uncle Josh, Daddy, Ugug, Grampy, Uncle Evan, Uncle Shawn, or Poobah- you're not picky. You are okay if Mommy or another female helps you but if given the option of who to hang with you are all about the boys. It's very very cute.
This month you've also started going back and forth on naps. You often nap for a couple hours a day for three or four days and then go nap-free for a couple days. On no-nap days you're in bed by seven and the days you do nap we know that we may be going to bed before you would if given the option- maybe because the nap day naps start between three and four- no matter how tired you are before three!
So many changes so quickly. It's so fun to watch you turn into you.
Love you baby boy,

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