Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Finished Twilight.
Thank. goodness.
I was feeling controlled- like I couldn't get enough of the book(s) and wanted to growl- in true vampire style- at anyone interrupting my reading
but it's over.
and I'm glad
More than one person has suggested I move on to Harry Potter
Can't do it
not yet
I have things I want/need to do
sewing projects and photo stuff mostly
My first newborn shoot of the year is tomorrow night
very excited
Started doing birth announcements at the start of the year and already getting orders.
the first set arrived from the printers today and.... w.ow.
it's so cool to see my work in print instead of just on the screen- make sense?
Sent the announcements to the mom immediately- I'm so excited for her to see them.

I feel like this is a let down of an entry.
I go MIA forever and leave you anticipating
for what?
this entry....
Will be on the look out for more engaging blog material....

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