Thursday, January 8, 2009

project update

I know I've been ignoring this blog since we've been home. Ren Man took on the unofficial role as business manager for Brown Eyed Photography and we've been updating the website- again. I've been squeezing in photo edits while we work on the site. Thankfully it's been updated (not without some technical stress). Feel free to offer suggestions on how to improve the site during our next update. All that to say- I will write an entry soon... just not sure when.
In the meantime- a friend over on mdc was asking about belly casting so I wanted to post a picture for her here. We debated getting a kit or getting supplies piecemeal. We decided to get a kit because if we bought things piecemeal it would have been just as expensive and we would have ended up with extra supplies... Even with the kit I think there was a little extra.
Anyway- here's the belly in it's decorated finery. It's hanging in Farm Girl's room. There are pictures of me taken monthly (with the first month missing) and her footprints surrounding her name and birth info.

Here's a close up.

And we decided to get Farm Girl's handprints done with Salt Marsh Pottery like we had done with Ark Boy. I always assumed that Ark Boy's feet were huge and Farm Girl had "normal" baby sized feet. Well- we compared. Her feet are the same size Ark Boy's were. Her hands, however, are pudgy, "normal", and baby sized. Hmmm- and now looking at the picture her feet look way bigger- but know irl they are the same size:)

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Melissa said...

I love the belly casting!
Think I'm gonna try it!