Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dear Ark Boy 30 months

Wow Big Guy!
You are officially 2.5! Crazy. You continue to do and say funny things every day. Recently you've started making silly sounds or bringing your sister toys when she's sad. You also start screaming when she does. It's hard to explain that it's okay for her to scream but not okay for a 2.5 year old to scream at the top of his lungs inside. People ask how you're doing with the adjustment to having a sister and I tell them that I don't think you remember not having her. She is such an important part of your life now. If we're going somewhere without her you immediately ask where she is. You often want to do things with her- like baths, playing with your animals, reading books.
Early this month we went apple picking.

You had a lot of fun walking around the orchard but didn't really get that we were supposed to be picking apples off the trees- not just finding the drops to munch on.

Whenever you want something you tell us what we should say to you. So if you're hungry you might say:
"Do you want a snack?" Sometimes you say: "Carry you up?" or "OR do you want to go downstairs?" or "Do you want some?" These suggestions are often followed by a loud and enthusiastic "That's a good idea!"
On our recent Chicago trip you loved pressing the "alligator" button to go up to our room at the hotel. I know you think it really is called an alligator because you signed alligator whenever you talked about the elevator. Another funny confusion on your part during the trip: at the field museum there were several stuffed animals on display and you kept calling it the zoo. You became quite adept at waiting for the white light before crossing the street in the city. You often insisted Del ride in the stroller. When we asked you to go in the stroller instead you would say: "or maybe Noah walk?". You often insist on being first- up the stairs or down the sidewalk. It was entertaining to see bystanders look concerned to see this independent little boy walking the streets of Chicago by himself.

It was also interesting to watch you watch other children. You watch to see what they are doing and then imitate their antics. Very very cute. Speaking of other children- you have recently become friends with Ethan, a 5 year old that is part of our playgroup. You ask about him as soon as we get to the playground and then follow him around and watch is every move. The cool thing is that he seems just as interested in you. He recently tried to throw you a ball... I don't know if he realizes you are half his age.

You have started potty training. We started by having you sit on the potty while you watch a movie. Now if we suggest you sit on the potty you say: "and watch Ogre Music (shrek)/Veggie Tales....that's a good IDEA!" When we tell people about your success on the potty you say: "what were you watching? Veggie Tales?" so I'm not sure you get the point quite yet.
There's a million and one things to tell you still but you're begging for a bath with your sister (another good idea, evidently) so we're off to the bath!
Your Chicago Tour Guide,

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