Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dear Ark Boy 29 months!

Dear Noah Noah,
I've been telling people for so long that you "just turned 2 in May" and now I'm realizing that that is sounding more and more ridiculous. In a month you'll be 2.5! I keep looking at you and just being shocked at how grown up you look. I'm not surprised when people mistake you for a three year old- really I'm shocked they don't think you're 5. You're just so well coordinated (despite the mysterious scrapes on your cheek) and confident in your every move. I think people may suspect you are closer to two when you refuse to look at them when they talk to you. This has led to a couple funny instances when concerned parents at the park seek me out to make sure you're okay. When I check on you on the playground equipment, or up on the hill, or wherever- you have your head burried in your hands and you're usually lying flat on the ground. Other parents assume you're upset. I know that you're hiding from them because someone talked to you. It's so funny to me because you're so easy going and chatty at home so this shy boy that emerges when we're out is quite the contrast.
Some of the things you get up to are so funny. Very early in this month (when it was still warm enough to wear flip flops) I went to check on you playing in the driveway. You had somehow managed to get your tricycle INTO the poop that was partially filled with rain water. You were peddling like crazy and exclaiming over the splashes you were creating with your pedals.

Speaking of your tricycle- you love to take "tricycle walks". So Del goes on my back, or if Daddy's going with you she goes in the stroller, and you pedal farther than we would choose to go if given the option. When you start to go down a hill you say: "be careful... go slow" and when we're going up a hill you say: "it's really tricky!"
You amaze us constantly with the things you come out with. Most mornings you ask for a grilled cheese for breakfast. One morning Daddy asked if you wanted cheddar or swiss. You said: "GRILLED cheese". The next morning when you asked for your grilled cheese you said:"or boy cheese or girl cheese" with the appropriate accompanying signs. Evidently all this time you've been eating girl cheese sandwiches.
No matter what sport you see being played if there is a ball involved you say: "Look! They're playing soccer!" I think this makes your uncles proud.

You've had a couple overnight visits with Nina and a LONG afternoon/evening with Tante A. With all of these visits you're totally fine with us leaving and you have a lot of fun while we're gone. I'm so thrilled with your independence and your easy going nature.

You often ask about an item and then tell me where you think it is. So for instance, several times you have said: "Where'd the sun go?!?!" When I tell you I don't know you say: "I think it's hiding.... I think it's hiding in the clouds!". There are a lot of: "Look!..."
You have started hugging unsolicited. Mostly you hug Del or Mommy or Daddy or Emmie. It's very sweet.
You've started saying "No" more regularly this month and that is really cute too. I know it doesn't seem like it would be but when you say "no" you are very focused and determined about it- as if you've calculated all your options are rationally speaking "no" is the best option.
You often answer our questions with the other answer. So if we say: "Do you want juice or water?" You will say: "or juice!" If we don't give you the option you prefer you add it for us. So if we say: "Do you want to read Knuffle Bunny or Hug" you might answer by saying: "Or Food Fight".
This is another month where I know I could go on for pages and pages about how you're developing into the Noah you will grow up to be. You amaze me daily.
Love you bunches,

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Ash said...

the grilled cheese craze may be my fault....sry. I forgot he might be hungry at 630 even though I wasn't, so I made him the quickest thing I could think of...then made him cry when I broke the sandwich into smaller pieces. gah