Monday, October 20, 2008

Ark Boy Moments

Last night Farm Girl was cranky (she has been for the last few days- I don't know what her deal is).
Ren Man brought her upstairs to pj her while I wolfed down dinner
but not too fast because it was hot.
Ark Boy saw a pouch hanging from a dining room chair.
"Del hold Mommy" (he's a little confused about who holds who- but that's another story)....
..."Del hold Noah"
he puts pouch on.
"Like this!" starts rocking from side to side.

Go to bed early.
Ren Man, as has been his recent habit, plays video game while Ark Boy watches.
Hear Ark Boy bouncing on cushion-less couch.
"I'm a boy!" (sounding very much like the Signing Time song)
"Boy's have penises!"
"I'm a boy!"
"Girls have vulva's!"
"I'm a boy!"

When previously mentioned video game is being played Ark Boy keeps saying:
"Her name is Lisa"
We have no idea who Lisa is.
We don't know any Lisa's.
I don't know how he heard the name and then how he decided this character's name is Lisa.

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