Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This moment

Up too too much on Sunday night.
Very tired Monday morning when alarm went off.
Subbed on Monday.
Very tired.
Expected Monday night to be rough too because I had been away from Farm Girl all day and she'd need to make up for the loss of touching time.
Ark Boy had asked to go to bed 2 hours ago and we ignored his request.
Knew all of this when I noticed it was 10pm.
Farm Girl had been asleep for hours.
Ark Boy was in the "big bed" with Ren Man.
Ark Boy started to gag.
He has a crazy gag reflex.
Presumably he was gagging on hair.
He leaned over Ren Man to ask for help with removing the hair.
Ark Boy made gagging sound
you guessed it
he puked
He hasn't for a while so he wasn't sure what had happened.
Ren Man told him it was puke.
Retrieved diaper to wipe up puke.
Ark Boy said: "Look! It's poop!"
We laughed.
Ren Man realized Ark Boy heard "puke" and thought we said "poop".
After changing sheets and clothing we all snuggled in bed.
Ark Boy was so so cute.
He labeled everything for us....
"Look! There headboard!"
"Look! There light!... I think it's on... I think it's off... like on."
He hid under the blankets.
Then asked us to hide under the blanket with him.
I knew it was 10pm.
I knew he should have been in bed 2 hours ago.
I knew all of this.
But I also knew we'd never get this night back.
And not too long from now he won't be telling us everything he's noticing
and he won't be asking us to hide under the covers with him.
So last night I forgot what I knew and just enjoyed hanging out with my adorable two year old and my awesome father-husband.

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