Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Toy Vacation

We rotate toys.
We do!
Okay- so we haven't rotated toys since we moved
2 months ago
and our in use toy amount is becoming excessive
and everytime I stumble on yet another toy left out I think: "argh! I hate kids!"
which we all know just isn't true

At a weekly playgroup we go to one of the moms was talking about rotating toys (in response to the question of what to do with the dreaded unwanted toys that people insist on getting your children)
She rotates her toys every 3 days
She only puts out 2 toys

But how great to have that many fewer things to trip over
Generally I keep the toys packed away that have lots of pieces to them (like the wooden blocks) because they drive me crazy!
So they never get used.
Maybe we could do just 3 toys- maybe 4
Yes, 4 sounds good.
So I started packing up toys and realized
I'm addicted
That's right
I'm addicted to Ark Boy's toys
I don't play with them
but I really like the idea of him playing with them
All of them
All the time
In reality it doesn't happen
So I packed up all of the toys
I left out his cardboard blocks because:
  • the thought of carrying a million of them up to storage was daunting
  • they are stored neatly under the coffee table
  • he doesn't remember that they are under there anyway
I also left out his animals because he just recently got them and my mom is bringing him more and more and more... and they're just plain fun.
And the only other thing I left out was a sesame street doll house thing that was his aunts and I only recently brought it back into circulation.
Everything else is packed up.
For new toys I brought out his drum and a lady bug push toy.
I hope I can keep this up.
Less toys.
I can't wait to see Ark Boy's face when he sees the "new" toys that are out.

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