Monday, June 30, 2008


Kate told me that she had seen a thread saying that Babies R Us is taking back BPA bottles and exchanging them for BPA free bottles- you just have to pay the difference (BPA free bottles are more expensive). So I called my local BRU and yep- they are participating.
But then this is what happened
When I arrived I was pleased to hear from the guest services employee that the exchange was bottle for bottle- I didn't have to make up the price difference.
When I returned to the Guest Services desk the employee counted out my bottles and took my license. She rang up the bottles and told me it would be $26 for the BPA-free bottles. I was shocked and confused. I explained that I thought it was an exchange program and that I wasn't interested in purchasing bottles from Babies R Us. She said they were taking bottles back as a service but as the bottles had not been recalled I would still have to pay for my BPA-free bottles. This didn't make any sense. Why would I bring my bottles back when I could just throw away my old bottles and come in and buy BPA-free bottles.

I sent BRU a complaint basically saying- what the heck?!!? I'm just supposed to give you my bottles?
As a side note: dd won't take a bottle (not that we've tried too hard) and I'm okay with that. So the bottles themselves are really inconsequential.

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