Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The big, crazy, mess

We make bread.
No, no- it's easy.
In fact, I've been meaning to post pictures of the process and the recipe.
But something always comes up.
Like today.
Got home from work.
Ren Man left soon after to go to school.
And Ark Boy announced that he was laying down.
It was 4:30pm.
No way is the boy napping at 4:30pm.
Act crazy excited about making bread and ask if he wants to help.
"First we'll make bread.... then I'll lay down."
Whatever works.
Put Farm Girl in mei tai on back.
Hand off ingredients to Ark Boy.
He's dumping the last cup and....

"The bowl pushed me!"

He was on the ground flat on his back with flour everywhere.

In his eyes.
In his hair.
In his ears.
Remember he's tired.
And now needs a bath.
He loves baths... if only the pesky business of hair washing was not part of the whole "taking a bath" process.
He's not happy.

When I lifted his hair to wet it...
yep, there was more flour there too.
Poor kid.

Kids ate dinner (butter sandwich for him (at his request- not what I would pick); peas for her).
Cleaned kitchen floor.
Do you know how hard it is to clean wet flour that has partially dried off tile floor.
Baking soda to the rescue (this stuff is useful for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!).
But I had two cranky kids to put to bed.
And I'm not as committed to a clean kitchen floor as... say Ren Man is.
That is why, if you come over tomorrow, you may still see some white spots on the floor.
Ren Man came home and re-did the bread dough.
Kids were both in bed before 7pm.
I think I might follow them.

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Femefatal7 said...

hahaha awwww poor noah. He looks so sad.